Couples Groups

 Other groups may choose to work through significant relationship books a chapter a week and discuss their insights together. It is

a very powerful thing to associate with other couples who have the same goals you have and are working on the same skills. 

     Often times, lifelong friendships develop from groups like this and the support these couples give each other is a primary factor in developing strong committed marriages. Another advantage of being in couples group is that they generally last 90 minutes and only cost about $50 per couple per session. Being in a group can be a great follow-up for couples therapy or a place to go after finishing a couples workshop. Naturally, such groups are confidential, so people can be very open and honest about their struggles and feel the support of a group of people who can relate to what they’re going through.

Couples Group

Jim Ramsey, Aletheia Marriage Counseling, discussing counseling for Couples in a group atmosphere.  Based in Missoula and the only fully certified Gottman therapist in Montana, Jim has been helping couples since 1976.