Jim Ramsey M.A., M. Div. marriage counseling

I have truly enjoyed helping thousands of Montana couples since 1976, combining the ART and SCIENCE of marriage counseling.

The ART - over 40 years of experience as a marriage counselor and 50 years of marriage. 

The SCIENCE - over 40 years of scientific research from The Gottman Institute on why marriages succeed and fail.

I am the only fully Certified Gottman Therapist in the state of Montana.  Marriage Counseling is fulfilling to me. For over 40 years I have dealt with the following issues:



Blended families

Family Therapy

Anger management


Sexual concerns

Financial problems

In-law problems

Stress and grief


And every other imaginable problem.

Regardless of frustraitions and difficulties, I believe therapy works and is more than worth the effort. Initially most husbands, that see me, feel like failures and are discouraged and passive because they can't seem to please their wives.  Most wives, who come in for counseling, feel resentment and are overwhelmed because they feel as if they have to do everything and initiate everything  in their marriage and family.   I'm happy to say that all of this can change.  Wives are happy to see that I relate comfortably with their husbands and that our practical, goal-oriented approach makes sense to their husbands. 

You will be happy to know that neither you has to change your personality or give up your identity for the relationship to be a success.  What you need to learn is better ways to participate in your marriage. This will be rewarded by positive responses from your partner and a solid emotional connection between the two of you.  True heartfelt love and respect changes everything.


I have been involved with The Gottman Institute since 2004, and in addition to working with clients, I am also a certified educator of this method for therapists. I find the pragmatic Gottman program to be a breakthrough for relational-based counseling, and make it a primary component of my counseling approach. 

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