Couples Counseling


     What to expect:  a key part of couple's therapy comes from a Relationship Checkup evaluation filled out by both partners online and a careful evaluation done in the first three meetings: one for each partner and one for the couple together. From this structured in-depth assessment, couples are given feedback on both strengths and challenges in their relationship, and a "road map" for the therapeutic journey will be developed.  Frequency and duration of sessions will be determined.

      As we work together, couples are guided through building and restoring their friendship, learning to regulate conflict, create shared meaning, make dreams and aspirations a reality, and learn the tools to prevent relapse in the future.  Homework assignments help the process of strengthening and deepening the relationship.

      The approach is based on the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, which uses scientific research from 35 years of studying the dynamics of successful - and unsuccessful- couples.  As described by the Gottman Institute, the goal of the work is not to make couples "therapy-dependent."  Rather, we attempt to provide couples with the skills and tools they will need to become competent at using the Gottman Method in their daily lives, and to offer the clinical intervention necessary to assist couples toward achieving that goal.