Specific Counseling Opportunities

Couples Counseling

   Couples often find themselves having the same fight over and over again. Partners can find themselves talking less and less, while the sense of distance starts to feel permanent.  This is where we can help.

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Marathon Counseling

     Marathon counseling provides an opportunity for a couple to work through their difficulties in a concentrated format without interruptions and distractions. Time will be built in for breaks and lunches.

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7 Principles Couples Workshop

  Join the thousands of couples who have benefited from learning the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by attending one of Aletheia Marriage Counseling's educational weekends.  

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Couples Groups

     Couples groups contain up to a maximum of six couples who have all had some experience and training in the Gottman method. As couples work together thay share successes and struggles, helping each other grow.

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Continuing Education Resources

Follow this link if you are looking for dome "learn on your own" reading material. We hope that this helps for those areas that you may want to explore on your own.

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