Marathon Marriage Counseling

    Couples will have done the online relationship checkup of 480 questions based on Gottman research, completed and sent to the therapist before they come in for their special day. The therapist will see them together for an hour and individually for an hour each before lunch to get an overview of their dynamics and issues as well as subjective impressions of their relating styles. After lunch, the therapist will go over all of the objective data he received from the relationship checkup and help the couple to see their relationship strengths and challenges. The rest of the afternoon, the therapist will focus on the primary relational areas that need work. Using this format helps a couple to turn a major corner in their relationship and begin to understand their own dynamics in feel genuine hope for changes in their future. A marathon lasts long enough to produce a paradigm shift that is very powerful in the relationship. Marathon therapy can extend for two or three days if necessary. One thing is for sure, if both partners are motivated to revolutionize their relationship a marathon approach is the most powerful and dynamic.

     Historically, people from out of town would do marathon work in order to minimize travel time and expenses. Increasingly, we are finding many local people availing themselves of the marathon approach because of it’s efficiency and effectiveness compared to “on again, off-again” weekly appointment schedules and wasted time at the beginning of each week’s therapy session due to getting caught up with each other etc.

    The cost for marathon work is based on the same hourly price as ordinary counseling. extended session marriage counseling is a form of psychology that allows couples to deep dive into issue resolution.

Marathon Counseling

James Ramsey, Aletheia Marriage Counseling, discusses the options and benefits of Marathon Marriage Counseling and the psychology behind extended sessions.